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FAQ : Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning?

  • What exactly is a digital marketing strategy? A digital marketing strategy is an approach for creating an online presence via digital portals such as organic search, social networks, paid ads, as well as other internet mediums such as your website.
  • A digital marketing plan is a document that describes marketing strategy that need to be fulfilled within a specific period of time in order for the company to reach a group of business targets.


What is inbound digital marketing?

Inbound marketing is a tactical method for creating valuable content that is appropriate to your target audiences’ demands and encourages long-term relationships with customers. Your clients are your customers because you resolve their issues.
Inbound marketing connects with an audience by interacting them with relevant content organically, such as search engines and sharing links with friends.


What is the targeted audience concept in digital marketing?

What Exactly Is a Target Audience? Your target audience is the particular group of clients who are most almost certain to want your service or product and thus the people who should be seeing your advertising campaigns. Age, gender, income, location, interests, and a variety of other factors can all affect the target audience


What does "traffic" mean in digital marketing?

Visitors to your website are referred to as “traffic.” They are divided into groups based on how they discovered you. Understand the different types of traffic that are commonly used in online analytics: Traffic Direction Untracked URL type-ins, bookmarks, or media links


How to increase digital marketing site traffic?

  • Use keywords to optimise your content.
  • Make specific landing pages.
  • Create engaging, high-quality content to promote your website.
  • Increase your local seo reputation.
  • Send e – mails containing a link to your website.
  • Obtain more backlinks from reliable sources.
  • Use social media to interact with your audience.
  • Participate in your community.
  • Enhance public relations


What is paid traffic in digital marketing?

Paid traffic refers to all visitors who reach a website as a result of a paid click on an ad or link. The following are the primary paid traffic sources: Display ads are also known as banner ads. Paid search, such as Google Ads and Bing Ads


What is the digital marketing of a brand or product?

The goal of digital marketing is to generate leads and sell products. The purpose of digital branding is to promote relationships and engage customers. In both cases, the ultimate goal is to expand the customer base while maintaining a healthy level of sales.


How can digital marketing help with product marketing?

Digital marketing allows you to reach your audience in new and interesting ways. Traditional advertising might include placing a print ad in a magazine that is read by customers who are most likely to purchase your product or service. This is an excellent way to increase brand recognition and gain publicity in your target market.


What is a digital marketing strategy? And what are the keys to its success?

A strategy for digital marketing is a course of action to accomplish your goal. You accomplish this using the digital channels of your company. A productive digital marketing plan generates leads of the highest calibre at an affordable rate.


What are the roles of digital marketing leaders and teams?

Leaders and teams in digital marketing are responsible for establishing the brand’s online presence and boosting the flow of leads for sales.


FAQ : Search Engine Optimization

Who Requires SEO?

SEO is beneficial for any company that offers a product or service. Without SEO, your website will be invisible to prospective consumers even if they enter relevant terms into search engines. The following industries, for example, can greatly profit from SEO in more detail:

  • either medical departments or Medispas
  • Multi-location companies
  • Businesses that operate online
  • Professional assistance (accounting, legal, IT, financial, etc.)
  • Home improvements or repairs
  • Restaurants
  • Pet care services
  • Estate market


Is SEO no longer relevant?

There are numerous claims that SEO is dead due to too many algorithm changes that left some SEOs perplexed, Google switching how paid ads and organic results look in comparison to one another (they look very similar! Many people wonder if SEO is dead due to the numerous featured snippets that pushed seo rankings to the bottom of the page.

The short answer is no. SEO will remain relevant for as long as there is an internet. While SEO is constantly evolving, it is unquestionably still a thriving industry with a current U.S. market value of $80 billion.


What Changes Has SEO Undergone Over Time?

In the last ten years or so, search engines like Google have transformed SEO by successfully eradicating earlier techniques that made using the internet less than pleasurable. Among the practises that have changed in the last decade are:

  • Keyword stuffing is ineffective.

  • Searches based on location, such as “near me”

  • SERPs that are faster and more optimised in favour of quality content

  • Mobile-friendly websites are rewarded.

  • Semantic search results that are based on user intent rather than keywords

  • Constant updates aimed at improving the user experience


What Are the Best SEO Techniques?

The actions designed to raise a website’s position in search engine results are referred to as SEO best practises. These actions include:

  • Off-page and on-page optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Creating a backlink strategy
  • making fresh content. Etc

On a fundamental level, before trying to add anything new, you should make sure that your current website complies with the above said best practises.


Can I Perform My Own SEO?

Although you can repair your own car, assemble your own furniture, and stitch your own wood, many of these tasks are better left to professionals.

Regardless of the fact that it may be tempting to read some SEO blogs and attempt to optimise your website on your own, the reality is that these DIY methods typically fail pretty quickly.

SEO is a time-consuming and knowledge-intensive endeavour, which is why we recommend hiring a professional SEO firm.


Since Google’s founding, they have updated and modified their algorithm every year. Additionally, there are a lot more updates each year.


While most often these changes go undetected, every once in a while Google will announce a major update — like the page experience update implemented in May 2021.


Google announced this update in advance, which caused a stir and gave SEO specialists the chance to change their approach.


What Is the Importance of Technical SEO?

Because technical SEO is the first sign of a high-quality site, improving your technical SEO will raise your site’s visibility in search results.


Does the speed of my website affect SEO?

Site speed is crucial because pages that take longer than three seconds have a high bounce rate in addition to being a direct ranking factor.


What Exactly Is PageRank?

In addition to other factors, Google’s PageRank directly correlates to the volume of links to your page. Google relies on this feature of their software to assess the significance of a website.

The better your site performs in search results, the higher its PageRank. It’s worth noting that, while PageRank is still used internally by Google, webmasters don’t have access to their own site’s and pages’ PageRank.


What Exactly Is a Crawl Error?

When a search engine is unable to access a page on your website, crawl errors can happen. Every link on your website should take users to a working page thanks to properly constructed URLs.

In order to prevent your website from being flagged for errors, crawl errors should be corrected.