I am Mohammed Thanveer, a Google-certified digital marketing strategist in Kerala, who offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Google Ads services. I  can use the internet to help your company reach its target audience. I can assist you in growing your business by utilising online marketing procedures. SEO, web design, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and Google advertisements are some of the services I provide.

I assist startups and businesses in and outside of Kerala that want to grow by bringing in new customers. As a digital marketing strategist in Kerala, I assist businesses all over the world in reaching out to more people who are interested in learning more about their products and services via a variety of digital marketing platforms.


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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the practice of branding to people via Internet-connected devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. To communicate with clients and potential, digital marketing uses channels such as search engines, social media, email, websites, and apps.

Who is a Digital Marketing Strategist ?

A digital marketing strategist, also known as an online marketing strategist, is responsible for effectively managing the marketing strategy for client businesses. The position requires an innovative thinker who can stay connected digital to all other areas of a client’s organisation and develop an expansion. A digital strategist is concerned with how businesses are displayed and experienced through digital interactions, as well as how these communications fit into wider customer experiences.


How Important is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has evolved over the last few years into a crucial component of business strategy, and this trend will continue into 2022 and beyond. Due to the ease with which businesses can now communicate with their customers and the ease with which customers can interact with one another in real time thanks to technological advancements, we are seeing an increase in the number of businesses adopting digital marketing strategies.

Using the most recent digital marketing techniques, Mohammed Thanveer, a creative digital marketing strategist from Kerala, wants to assist you in reaching your business objectives.


These are the services provided by me

A well-designed website allows visitors to easily interact with it. I can help you create a website that is relevant to your company and interests. Web design is the process of designing and arranging content on a website. It involves a blend of creative and technical skills, like as graphic design and UI/UX design.
A website is a virtual representation of a business; an appealing website allows for easy communication with customers. I can assist you in developing a customised and responsive website based on your specifications.
A good website can help you make a good first impression on potential customers. It also aids in the generation of leads and the conversion of those leads.



Search Engine Marketing is a strategy that takes advantage of both organic and paid mediums on search engines. Through SEM, you will gain overall visibility on search engines. Search Engine Optimization optimizes the contents of your website so that it can rank at the top, attract the right audience, and generate traffic (SEO).
SEO is the practice of increasing the visibility of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs) in order to increase traffic. SEM is paid advertising that improves the ranking of your website, whereas SEO is free and focuses on organic tactics.



Social media marketing is the use of social media and social networks to promote a company and its products. It enables businesses to engage existing customers while also reaching out to new ones by promoting their culture, vision, or emotion.
Facebook Ads is a strategy that involves using Facebook as a medium for running advertisements and generating leads. Market your products to the 2.85 billion active Facebook users.
Instagram is yet another platform for marketing your products or services based on user behaviour, gender, location, age, and other key demographics. Please contact me right away!



The use of creative and unique content to increase brand awareness, traffic, lead generation, and consumer targeting is known as content marketing. It  is the process of creating, publishing, and transferring relevant, precise, and valuable content in order to reach a specific audience.


Although SEO promotes long-term development, there are times when you require a quick boost. I ensure that the amount you spend on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is quite well spent.
Search Engine Marketing is a paid advertisement method for increasing visitors. Using this method will allow you to reach a larger audience through your website. I can assist you in reaching a specific audience.
If you want a quick result, Google Ads is the way to go. You can increase attention and leads by running personalized campaigns. Do you want the best SEO service? Please contact me straightaway!



The process of using digital assets to create an online brand identity that can be expressed on virtually any digital channel, such as your website, social media profiles, digital ads, and content marketing, is known as digital branding.
Branding has an impact on all aspects of your business. Your company's logo, advertising, and credibility all work together to create a favourable impression.


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One of the reasons why a career in digital marketing is so entertaining is because the field is constantly changing as new platforms are introduced. A digital marketing executive is constantly on the lookout for trends and how they affect visibility.

Getting experience in digital marketing covers pretty much all aspects of a brand’s online presence. As search engines release new updates, digital marketing managers assess how these changes affect website rankings. Following that, the entire marketing team collaborates to develop a strategy.


Although traditional marketing is still effective, digital marketing is quickly replacing it because it is more accessible and has better analytics.

Today’s technology allows marketing executives to see exactly who is visiting the website, what they are doing there, and which strategies are yielding the best results. Professionals can more easily demonstrate their value thanks to this data-driven methodology, and leaders can more easily determine which tactics work best. Successes will be repeated, removing the guesswork from future campaigns.


With 860,000 job openings, LinkedIn claims that the position of “Digital Marketing Specialist” is one of the top 10 most in-demand positions. Experience in social media, content strategy, SEO, analytics, and other aspects of digital marketing is in high demand.

The complexity of digital marketing strategy is reflected in the large number of jobs in the field. Actually, the lack of digital skills in the industry is a crisis. According to a LinkedIn survey, there is a shortage of approximately 230,000 digital marketing professionals in major metropolitan areas across the United States.

With so many open positions and not enough qualified candidates to fill them, now is an excellent time to get started in digital marketing.


The world of digital marketing is constantly changing. People are becoming interested in this field as new platforms are introduced. Candidates are being strongly influenced by the wide range of salary options that are available, leading them to select it as a career path.


Marketing automation, video development and marketing, paid advertising specialists, content specialists, analytics, SEO, copywriting, Email-Marketing, website development, PPC (Pay-Per-click)/ Google Ads, and design fundamentals are among the digital marketing skills in high demand.


Digital marketing is typically less expensive and far more targeted, whereas traditional marketing can reach a wider audience more effectively. When trying to decide which type of advertising to use, keep your budget and target market in mind.


Enroll in online courses and ongoing training to earn your certification. To keep up with trends, explore various options. Get more information on data analytics. To advance your career in digital marketing, network with the sales team and create a strong personal brand.


A framework for a digital marketing strategy describes key steps and touchpoints in the buyer’s journey as well as marketing workflows and processes. Using a digital marketing strategy framework to execute marketing activities ensures that nothing is overlooked.


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With the help of cutting-edge digital advertising strategies, Mohammed Thanveer, a Google Certified Digital Marketing Strategist in Kerala, can increase your business inquiries by 10 times.
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